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Need an emergency windscreen repair company in Manchester? Our same day no fix, no fee service is just one call away.


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Same Day Service

Our same day service will have you back on the road in the shortest time possible.

Crack & Chip Repairs

Need an affordable windscreen repairs service, fast? We repair all cracks in 20 minutes or less.

Screen Replacements

Emergency replacement service for all types of vehicles and models.

Why Choose Windscreen Repair Manchester?

Windscreen Repair Manchester is the most affordable same day windscreen repair and replacement company in Manchester.

Our local Manchester technicians have a wealth of experience within the industry. We offer a fixed fee service in Manchester with no extra call out charge. We won't be beaten on price, and ensuing you get the cheapest repair & replacement service, price match guaranteed.

Our no fix, no fee service means you don't pay if we can not repair the damage. Our windscreen technicians are friendly, experienced and fast at getting you back on the road safely. If you have experienced a chip or crack to the windscreen of your vehicle, we can almost always fix the damaged area of the windscreen. However, in some cases we may have to recommend a replacement.

You deserve an affordable solution that gets your car back on track quickly without any hassle! That’s why our team is available 24/7 for all emergencies, including weekends and bank holidays (excluding Christmas Day). Don’t hesitate – call us now! 

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Emergency Same Day Windscreen Repair Manchester

A clear and chip-free windscreen is a necessity for a safe driving experience. When there are chips, cracks or pits in the surface of the glass, it can interfere with visibility. The windscreen repair Manchester technicians are available to identify the problems and apply the high quality restoration procedures and processes to restore the surface to pristine condition.

Should I Repair or Replace My Car Windscreen?

There are some guidelines to help you decide whether a repair is suitable. The size of the chip or crack is the first element to consider. The damage should be smaller than a typical postage stamp.

The number of damaged areas to the car glass is important. When there are more than three damaged areas of the windscreen, a replacement is advised.

Repairing your crack or chip is a much more affordable solution to getting back on the road safely.  



Why Repair Your Windscreen?

Repairing a chip in the windscreen is important for several good reasons. When a chip or small crack is repaired early, it is more affordable.

For peace of mind, fixing a windscreen may be done with minimal costs compared to replacing the glass, which can be expensive.

When there are small chips in the windscreen, they can easily turn into large cracks. When the crack expands or worsens, a full replacement is required.

Replacements cost much more than a repair job. Repairing a windscreen requires much less time than a replacement and damage is not so bad you can avoid spending lots on a new windscreen.

We repair all types of vehicles and car models. If you would like more advice from one of our local technicians.

Windscreen Chip Repair Procedures

Our technicians use a specially designed resin which fills in the small chips and cracks of the broken car window. The resin dries and hardens in the cracks and makes windscreens strong again. The liquid is forced into the pits and craters of the damage and quickly bonds to the existing glass.

The repair is very difficult to see once the resin has been cured and smoothed. The surface of the glass is restored with no interference in vision or risk of further damage.

In most cases, a repair can be completed in half an hour or so ensuring you are back on the road in the fastest time possible.

We offer a 24/7 mobile repair service in which our technicians travel to you.


24-Hour Responsive Service

We are prepared to respond quickly to the owner's requests for service. The technician arrives at the owner's location with all the necessary tools and products to complete the job.

Only the best quality products are utilized in making the repairs. The right tools ensure that the resin is applied correctly and polished to a “smooth as glass” surface.

When there is a crack or chip to be repaired, owners don't want to wait for hours or even days before a technician arrive. Our team of windscreen specialists are able to offer same-day services when ever you need us.


Experienced Repairs and Car Glass Replacement Services

Our local technicians have been fully trained in the technical aspects of the business, as well as in a high level of customer service. They are courteous, knowledgeable and determined to ensure that each client has a positive experience.

Each member of the team understands that word-of-mouth reputation is a powerful tool to grow the business. We also stand behind our products and services. Each person associated with our company is ready to make customers first.


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